Wet Process Benches

Wet processing, i.e., processing with liquid chemicals (solvents, acids or bases), is regularly used for surface cleaning to certify a reproducible result in a subsequent deposition process, such as epitaxial growth, thin deposition or oxidation.

Wet processing could also be used in photoresist processing or to etch topographic structures.

DetailsRinser 2VerteqVerteqElectrum
DetailsWetb-Si epi-cleanWet bench Clean and IMECWet bench CleanElectrum
DetailsW0607Wet bench HF clean and HF dopedWet bench HF cleanElectrum
DetailsWetb Si processWet bench oxide,HF 1:10,BHF,HFmixWet bench oxideElectrum
DetailsWetb Si stripPhotoresist processing.Wet bench developerElectrum
DetailsWetb APLWet benchWet benchElectrum
DetailsWetb MEMSTMAH, HF, KOHWet benchElectrum
DetailsWetb metalAu/metal etchWet benchElectrum
DetailsWetb solventRemover, Vax, Au moduleWet benchElectrum
DetailsWetb Au developWet benchWet benchElectrum
DetailsW2631Wet bench spray etch (GaAs).Wet benchElectrum
DetailsW3233Wet bench lift off.Wet benchElectrum
DetailsW34Wet bench LithografiWet benchElectrum
DetailsFH APLFume hoodFume hoodElectrum
DetailsWetb Solvent cleanSubstrate cleaningWet bench Electrum
DetailsWetb APL-gulWet benchWet benchElectrum
DetailsRinser 1VerteqVerteqElectrum
DetailsR/D doubleSemitool Double 870SSemitoolElectrum
DetailsR/D 3VerteqVerteqElectrum
DetailsFH III/VDragskåpPM PlastElectrum
DetailsR/D Gul1FSI Phoenix 4"FSI PhoenixElectrum
DetailsR/D 2Verteq 4"VerteqElectrum
DetailsFH wet chemistry-1Dragskåp solvent & acid (for service work)PM PlastElectrum
DetailsR/D MetalsSemitool 4" MetalsSemitoolElectrum
DetailsR/D GoldFSI Phoenix 4" Au/Lift-OffFSI PhoenixElectrum
DetailsFH wet chemistry-2 (solvent)Dragskåp solventPM PlastElectrum
DetailsFH wet chemistry-3Dragskåp solvent and acidPM PlastElectrum
DetailsFH wet chemistry-4Dragskåp solventPM PlastElectrum
DetailsFH wet chemistry-5 (solvent)Dragskåp solventPM PlastElectrum
DetailsFH wet chemistry-6Dragskåp solventPM PlastElectrum
DetailsMegasonic bathPCT 24 wet benchPCTElectrum
DetailsFH epi serviceDragskåp för epi rengöringPM PlastElectrum
DetailsWetb Sabina2 HP, Developer, SinkPM PlastElectrum
DetailsFH wet chemistry-7DragskåpPM PLastElectrum
DetailsFH wet chemistry-8DragskåpPM PlastElectrum
DetailsSSE SprayetsSprayetsSSEElectrum
DetailsSSECSSEC 3300VeccoElectrum
DetailsFH ServiceFume hood for servicePM plastElectrum
DetailsWetb Al etchEtchingWet benchElectrum

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