Dry Etching

Dry etching, i.e., etching under vacuum with reactive gases, is used to remove material and to create the wanted topography. Our precision dry etching tools feature state-of-the-art processes with end point detection. We have the appropriate processes for conventional structures in Si, and compound semiconductor materials, for deep Si structures, and for meals and dielectrics.

DetailsICPICP DRIE (Si, SiO2)STSElectrum
DetailsP5000Precision 5000 Mark II (Dielectric, MxP, CVD)Applied MaterialsElectrum
DetailsEsaPlasmalab80Plus (Oxford RIE System) Chamber BOxford Plasma SystemElectrum
DetailsFabioICP380 Etch SystemOxford InstrumentElectrum
DetailsGallusICP380 Etch System (GaAs & InP)Oxford InstrumentElectrum
DetailsTepla300 (Microwave Plasma Asher)TePlaElectrum
DetailsPamela308PC (RF Plasma Asher)STS Electrum
DetailsPlasmatvätt PicoLow pressure plasma etcherDiener PICO RFElectrum
DetailsRIERIE of thin films (Si3N4 & SiO2)Plasmalab System 100Electrum
DetailsCenturaCentura II (DPS & MxP)Applied MaterialsElectrum
DetailsArielPlasmalab80Plus (Oxford RIE System)Oxford Plasma TechnologyElectrum
DetailsRIE ICP O2/AR AlbanovaPlasmalab 80+OxfordElectrum
DetailsCryo RIE AlbanovaPlasmalab 100OxfordElectrum
DetailsRIBEIonfab 300 plusOxford Instruments Plasma TechnologyElectrum

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