Thin Film Deposition

Thin films of metals, dielectrics and insulators are deposited on a vide variety of substrates, with high precision in thickness and composition.

Different deposition methods are used to customize the best film to your specific demands.

We offer films by sputtering, low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD), thermal and electron beam evaporation and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD).

DetailsIDPLPCVD furnaceExpertechElectrum
DetailsBarbaraPAK 600 Coating SystemProvacElectrum
DetailsIndiraBA 510 Thermal EvaporatorBalzersElectrum
DetailsZitaBAE 250 Coating SystemBalzersElectrum
DetailsPekka80Plus (Oxford PECVD System) Chamber APlasmalabElectrum
DetailsIBSIon Beam Sputtering ToolCommonwealth Scientific CorporationElectrum
DetailsAJA SputterATC Orion-8AJA InternationalElectrum
DetailsAJA Sputter AlbanovaOrionAJA International Inc.Electrum
DetailsEdwards Auto 306 AlbanovaAuto306 with FL400 chamberEdwardsElectrum
DetailsEurovac UHV deposit, AlbanovaCustom madeEurovac/ThermionicsElectrum
DetailsSputnik AlbanovaCustom madeThermionics + otherElectrum
DetailsPLDNeocera Pioneer 180 UHV PLDNeocera IncElectrum
DetailsEnduraPVDApplied MaterialsElectrum
DetailsAJA 2 Sputter AlbanovaOrionAJA International Inc.Electrum

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