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KTH Materials Laboratory is connected to three LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems):

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Extensive materials research is performed at KTH in a wide range of research fields. The research thus requires various types of experimental equipment. KTH has research facilities, laboratories and equipment located at 8 different schools. The equipment may be divided into two main groups, i.e. methods/instruments for (i) processing or synthesizing materials and for (ii) investigating or characterizing materials. By following the links below, you can obtain information about the types of instruments, which are available at KTH (tool categories). Information about each specific instrument in the system is also available.

Materials Processing/Synthesis


In the following link, you can find resources and laboratories divided on the different Schools at KTH:

KTH Resources School Wise

Laboratories at KTH

There are a large number of laboratories used for materials research at KTH. Some of them are quite specialized and contain few instruments, while others are larger and has a wider user community. Below are some of the largest materials research laboratory facilities/centra at KTH:

Albanova Laser Laboratory

This is a joint laboratory between KTH and Stockholm University for nonlinear optics, laser physics and surface science.

Albanova Nanofabrication Facility

The Allbanova Nanofabrication Facility offers joint laboratory facilities in nano and micro scale fabrication, imaging and metrology to a broad user spectrum.

Electrum Laboratory

The Electrum Laboratory is an outstanding resource for fabrication and characterization in the nano and micro scale, supporting the whole chain from education, research and development, to prototyping and production in the  processes.

Greenhouse Labs

Greenhouse Labs belongs to the School of Chemical Science and Engineering and leases laboratory facilities and offices to innovative companies in the chemistry business.

Highway and Railway Engineering Laboratory

This laboratory perform tests on all types of road materials: bitumen, asphalt and unbound materials. The instrument park includes a high resolution X-ray tomograph, which is used for visualizing the behavior of asphalt and concrete cores under applied loads.

Odqvist Laboratory

Odqvist Laboratory is a centre for experimental mechanics at KTH. For more information on the partner laboratories please follow the links below:

- Fluid Mechanics
- Lightweight Structures Laboratory
- The Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory
- Solid Mechanics Laboratory