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KTH Materials Laboratory is linked to three LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems). To get information about the instruments and laboratories connected to these LIMS, please use the contact details below:

Contact - Electrum Lab LIMS

Contact - Greenhouse Lab LIMS

Contact - KTH Materials Lab LIMS

You can also visit the LIMS homepages:

Electrum Laboratory LIMS

Greenhouse Labs LIMS

KTH Materials Laboratory LIMS


KTH Materials Laboratory

The virtual platform ‘KTH Materials Laboratory’ is now functional. It informs about the most important instruments/equipment used for experimental materials research at KTH. It is also connected to three Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), which handles databases containing information on instruments and users, and through a calendar enables approved users to book instruments.


KTH Materials Laboratory facilitates:
     - making important instruments visible and available for researchers at KTH and external partners
     - more efficient use of equipment at KTH
     - interactions between different KTH Schools and between KTH and external partners
     - formulating priorities for future investments

Virtual Laboratory Structure

This virtual laboratory is connected to three LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems):

Electrum Laboratory LIMS

Greenhouse Labs LIMS

KTH Materials Laboratory LIMS

The Electrum Laboratory LIMS covers the equipment in the Electrum Laboratory and at the Albanova Nanofabrication Facility and other equipment at the KTH School of Information and Communication Technology in Kista. The Electrum Laboratory LIMS involves a booking system. The Greenhouse Labs LIMS gathers information on equipment at the School of Chemical Science and Engineering and the tenants of Greenhouse Labs at KTH. Finally, the KTH Materials laboratory LIMS collects information on all other equipment at KTH used for materials research. There are plans to connect a LIMS-based booking system to all important materials research equipment at KTH.

Coordination of KTH Materials Laboratory

KTH Materials Laboratory is coordinated by the Materials Platform at KTH. The Materials Platform is one of five Research Platforms at KTH. These Research Platforms aim to promote multidisciplinary research within KTH. The goal is to help to solve global societal challenges such as the climate change and an ageing population. The work of the Materials Platform is led by the Platform director and the rest of the Platform team. For more information about the Materials Platform at KTH, see Materials Platform homepage.

In addition to this, several of the schools and departments at KTH where materials research is carried out have local KTH Materials Lab coordinators. These coordinators have a good overview of the instruments belonging to a specific school or department.