Lithography is a photographic method to define the lateral device structures, by exposing a thin polymer (i.e., photoresist) through a mask or by using a focused beam or a stamp. The line width is defined by the exposure tool.
A line width of 1 µm is routinely obtained by mask aligners, and i-line and g-line steppers offer linewidths of down to 0.5 µm and an alignment accuracy of 90 nm. Nanoimprint lithography reach linewidths of down to 60 nm, while the more complex process of Sidewall transfer lithography produce linewidths in the 10 - 100 nm range reproducibly.
Here we present the exposure tools together with the necessary additional tools, e.g., resist spinners and developers, hot plates and bake ovens.

DetailsGammaGamma 4MSuss MicrotecElectrum
DetailsBake 7UM 100 bakeMemmertElectrum
DetailsFH APL-gulDragskåpPM PlastElectrum
DetailsKarl SussMask aligner MA8/BA8Karl SussElectrum
DetailsSabinaSpinner model Primus SB15SSEElectrum
DetailsEmmaMA6/BA6Karl SussElectrum
DetailsNils620 UV Nanoimprint LithographyEVGElectrum
DetailsBake 2Pre and postprocessing of samplesBake oven DespatchElectrum
DetailsBake 3Pre and postprocessing of samplesBake oven MemmertElectrum
DetailsMasktvättSCS 124Ultra t Equipment Company, Inc.Electrum
DetailsArnoldOPTISPIN SST20SSE spincoaterElectrum
DetailsAPL-HMDSVacuum Bake / Vapour Prime Processing SystemYES-5E Electrum
DetailsHMDS 2Star 2000 (HMDS)IMTECElectrum
DetailsFH Gul3DragskåpPM PlastElectrum
DetailsALS-stepperALS 2035 G-lineGCA/UltratechElectrum
DetailsBake 4U 26MemmertElectrum
DetailsBake 6ULM 400MemmertElectrum
DetailsMaximusMaximus 804SSEElectrum
DetailsManual spray coaterv1Home madeElectrum
DetailsAPL spinnerBuilt inBLEElectrum
DetailsEbeam litho AlbanovaRaith VoyagerRaith GmbHElectrum
DetailsKarl Suss MJB3 AlbanovaMJB3Karl SussElectrum
DetailsAlbanova Canon Projection CameraPPC 210CanonElectrum
DetailsMaskless litho AlbanovaSmartPrintSmartForce TechnologiesElectrum

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