Device Mounting

Device are sawn or cleaved from the substrates after completed processing. Mounting and forming of electrical contacts are made by soldering, wire bonding or flip chip bonding.

DetailsBonderCB8 Substrate BonderKarl SussElectrum
DetailsOrthodyne20 Large WirebonderOrthodyneElectrum
DetailsRakelRakelDage Precima InternationalElectrum
DetailsBertil7476E-79 Manual Wedge-Wedge Wire BonderWest Bond Electrum
DetailsBall bonder5410F&K Delvotec Semiconductor GmbHElectrum
DetailsWire bonder Albanova4523DKulicke - SoffaElectrum
DetailsFH MS OlympusLAFLabrum klimatElectrum
DetailsFH MS NikonLAFLabrum klimatElectrum
DetailsMicro Diamond Scriber, AlbanovaMR-200OEG GmbHElectrum
DetailsESEC3100 plusESECElectrum
DetailsCapillary electrophoresis instrument3DCEHewlett PackardGreenhouse
DetailsGamma spectrometer--Greenhouse
DetailsRaman microscopeHome builtHome built Greenhouse
DetailsQuartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation (QCM-D)D300qsenceGreenhouse

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