School of Engineering Sciences (SCI)

In the SCI School, the department, whose research is most focused on materials research is the department of Applied Physics. In addition to this, there are three other departments where materials related research is carried out: 

Department of Applied Physics

Department of Physics

One of the seven groups at the department of Physics carries out materials related research:

Group of Reactor Physics

For the purpose of building and operating a lead cooled training reactor in Sweden, our group is conducting research on manufacturing techniques of inert matrix nitride fuels. Our lab is located in the premises of the material science division, where we produce UN and (U,Zr)N fuel pellets, using corresponding metals as source material. Our equipment includes a powder synthesis furnace, a mill, a pellet press, a conventional graphite sintering furnace and a residual gas analyzer. Spark plasma sintering of powders into pellets with very high density is made at AlbaNova in collaboration with Diamorph AB

Moreover, our modeling efforts includes gas migration in nitride fuels, their thermo-mechanical and thermo-chemical performance, as well as the influence of radiation damage on steels used for fuel cladding and pressure vessels."

Other groups of interest for materials research at the department of Physics

In addition to this,development of new spectroscopic methods for applications in fusion plasma diagnostics and in photon induced studies of molecular processes is studied in the group of Applied Atomic and Molecular Physics. Moreover, medical x-ray imaging is developed in the group of Medical Imaging.

Group of Applied Atomic and Molecular Physics

Group of Medical Imaging

Department of Aeronatical and Vehicle Engineering

One of the seven divisions at the department of Vehicle Engineering carries out extensive materials related research:

Division of lightweight structures

Department of Solid Mechanics