Rheological Characterization

This category includes instruments which are used to measure flow and deformation of matter (mainly liquids and soft materials).

DetailsBending Beam Rheometer, BBR01CANNONKTHMaterial
DetailsBrookfield Viscometer RVDV-II+ Brookfield KTHMaterial
DetailsDuctilometer F7546 Strassentest KTHMaterial
DetailsDynamic Analyzer RheometerRDA II Rheometrics KTHMaterial
DetailsDynamic Mechanical Analyzer, DMAQ800TA InstrumentsKTHMaterial
DetailsDynamic Shear Rheometer, DSR AR 2000exTA Instruments KTHMaterial
DetailsPressure Aging Vessel, PAV PAV 9300Gilson Company, IncKTHMaterial
DetailsRolling Thin Film Oven, RTFOTCS 325-AJames Cox & Sons IncKTHMaterial
DetailsThermostatic visibility bath TV4000 Tamson KTHMaterial
DetailsViscometerPartial Home ConstructionGrant (VWR), Saween&Werner and InnventiaGreenhouse
DetailsViscometerCAP 2000+BrookfieldGreenhouse

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