Mechanical Characterization

The category ‘Mechanical Characterization’ comprises instruments for probing mechanical properties such as hardness, impact strength, ductility, eleasticity etc.

Details Instron servo-hydraulic test rigInstron 8032InstronKTHMaterial
Details1 kN Biaxial materials testing machineZwick/Roell 1 kNZwick/RoellKTHMaterial
Details1 kN Materials testing machineInstron 1 kNInstronKTHMaterial
Details10 MN Materials testing machineMTS 10 MNMTSKTHMaterial
Details100 kN Materials testing machineMTS 100 kNMTSKTHMaterial
Details160 kN-1100 Nm Materials testing machineMTS 160 kNMTSKTHMaterial
Details250 kN Dynamic load frame with triaxial cellTestStar II m MTSKTHMaterial
Details30 kN Materials testing machineMTS 30 kNMTSKTHMaterial
Details500 kN Materials testing machineMTS 500 kNMTSKTHMaterial
DetailsAdvanced Stress Path Triaxial Testing SystemADVTTS - 70/100mm 25kNGDSKTHMaterial
DetailsAsphalt Mixture Performance Tester, AMPT/SPT AMPT/SPT IPC Global KTHMaterial
DetailsDynamic Mechanical Analyzer, DMAQ800TA InstrumentsKTHMaterial
DetailsDynamic stiffness test rig--KTHMaterial
DetailsEnvironmental chamber651MTSKTHMaterial
DetailsHeraeus Climate ChamberJT 5050EWeiss TechnikKTHMaterial
DetailsInstron Universal Test Machine 100 kN4505InstronKTHMaterial
DetailsInstron Universal Test Machine 30 kN 5567InstronKTHMaterial
DetailsLabEcon 600 Hot PressFontijne PressesLabEcon 600KTHMaterial
DetailsLeitz micro-Vickers indenterunknownLeitzKTHMaterial
DetailsMatsuzawa micro-Vickers indenterMXT CX-1MatsuzawaKTHMaterial
DetailsMTS 100 kN dynamic load frame (Superpave IDT Test) 810MTSKTHMaterial
DetailsMTS 204 Actuator 160 kN204MTSKTHMaterial
DetailsMTS 204 Actuator 350 kNActuator model 204MTSKTHMaterial
DetailsMTS 244 Actuator 15 kN244MTSKTHMaterial
DetailsMTS 244 Actuator 50 kN244MTSKTHMaterial
DetailsMTS 810 Material Testing SystemMTS 810 - Model 311MTSKTHMaterial
DetailsMTS 815 Rock mechanics and concrete testing systemMTS 815 (Load frame model: 315.05)MTSKTHMaterial
DetailsMTS Load Frame 312.21312.21MTSKTHMaterial
DetailsRotating bar bend fatigue testing machineÖberg 1Solid MechanicsKTHMaterial
DetailsSchenck MTS Fatigue Testing MachineMTSSchenckKTHMaterial
DetailsSchenck PSB 250 Fatigue Testing MachineHydropuls PSB 250SchenckKTHMaterial
DetailsSchenk PSA 10 kN Fatigue Testing MachineHydropuls PSA 04Instron-SchenckKTHMaterial
DetailsWeiss Climate Chamber-Weiss TechnikKTHMaterial
DetailsBond Tester DAGE2400PCDAGEElectrum
DetailsDMA Dynamic Mechanical AnalysisDMA Q800TA InstrumentsGreenhouse

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