Wet Process Benches

 NameModelManufacturerResponsible group name
DetailsRinser 2VerteqVerteqNano-QLA
DetailsWetb-Si epi-cleanWet bench Clean and IMECWet bench CleanELAB
DetailsW0607Wet bench HF clean and HF dopedWet bench HF cleanELAB
DetailsWetb Si processWet bench oxide,HF 1:10,BHF,HFmixWet bench oxideELAB
DetailsWetb Si stripPhotoresist processing.Wet bench developerELAB
DetailsWetb APLWet benchWet benchELAB
DetailsWetb MEMSTMAH, HF, KOHWet benchELAB
DetailsWetb metalAu/metal etchWet benchELAB
DetailsWetb solventRemover, Vax, Au moduleWet benchELAB
DetailsWetb Au developWet benchWet benchELAB
DetailsW2631Wet bench spray etch (GaAs).Wet benchNano-QLA
DetailsW3233Wet bench lift off.Wet benchNano-QLA
DetailsW34Wet bench LithografiWet benchNano-QLA
DetailsFH APLFume hoodFume hoodNano-QLA
DetailsWetb Solvent cleanSubstrate cleaningWet bench ELAB
DetailsWetb APL-gulWet benchWet benchELAB
DetailsRinser 1VerteqVerteqNano-QLA
DetailsR/D doubleSemitool Double 870SSemitoolELAB
DetailsR/D 3VerteqVerteqNano-QLA
DetailsFH III/VDragskåpPM PlastNano-QLA
DetailsR/D Gul1FSI Phoenix 4"FSI PhoenixELAB
DetailsR/D 2Verteq 4"VerteqELAB
DetailsFH wet chemistry-1Dragskåp solvent & acid (for service work)PM PlastELAB
DetailsR/D MetalsSemitool 4" MetalsSemitoolELAB
DetailsR/D GoldFSI Phoenix 4" Au/Lift-OffFSI PhoenixELAB
DetailsFH wet chemistry-2 (solvent)Dragskåp solventPM PlastELAB
DetailsFH wet chemistry-3Dragskåp solvent and acidPM PlastELAB
DetailsFH wet chemistry-4Dragskåp solventPM PlastELAB
DetailsFH wet chemistry-5 (solvent)Dragskåp solventPM PlastELAB
DetailsFH wet chemistry-6Dragskåp solventPM PlastELAB
DetailsMegasonic bathPCT 24 wet benchPCTELAB
DetailsFH epi serviceDragskåp för epi rengöringPM PlastELAB
DetailsWetb Sabina2 HP, Developer, SinkPM PlastNano-QLA
DetailsFH wet chemistry-7DragskåpPM PLastELAB
DetailsFH wet chemistry-8DragskåpPM PlastELAB
DetailsSSECSSEC 3300VeccoELAB
DetailsFH ServiceFume hood for servicePM plastNano-QLA
DetailsWetb Al etchEtchingWet benchELAB